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Derek Carr Parks it at the #11 Spot

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is voted the 11th-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2017."
This guy is absolutely a star! We are so excited to see what he has in store for the Raiders this season!

Dak or Carr: Who Will Win More Super Bowls?

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott or Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr -- Who will ultimately reach more Super Bowls?!

Best of 2016: Derek Carr

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had a pretty phenomenal season last year. Check out his moves!

This guy's star is on the move. Maybe next year he will make the Madden cover?

Raiders = AFC Champions!!??

With the dream team of Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch will the Oakland Raiders make it to the AFC Championship Game this season?

Will this be their year?!

Will BEAST MODE bring the Oakland Raiders to Victory?

Poll: Will BEAST MODE bring the Oakland Raiders to Victory?
Marshawn Lynch grew up in Oakland and just came out of retirement to play for his hometown team! How cool is that?!

So, what do you think -- will BEAST MODE bring the Oakland Raiders to Victory?

A) Yes! playing for your hometown team is good luck!

B) Nope! The Raiders need more than Beast Mode to do any real damage.

There's No Place like Home for Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders!!!

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch aka BEAST MODE, comes out of retirement to play for his hometown team.

Does this mean the Raiders will win the AFC West?!?

Who Will Win the AFC West? Ask Donald Penn and Aqib Talib

While hanging at the Donald Penn Foundation Youth Football and Cheer Camp, Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn and Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib (BEST FRIENDS) banter about their division rivalry. 

How would you like to have those guys as your camp councilors?! 

Which WR Tandem Will Be the Best in 2017?

We love wide receivers, especially when they come in great tandems.

Which pair of WRs do you think is the best???

Jerry Rice Will Be the Only First-ballot Hall of Famer in this Era

Former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown knows all and tells all. Watch as Tim tells us about about the Raiders offseason, the Hall of Fame potential for Terrell Owens, his annual golf tournament and how Jerry Rice is a no-brainer first-ballot Hall of Famer..

Will Derek Carr be a Raider his entire career?

Poll: Will Derek Carr be a Raider his entire career?
Derek Carr is fast developing into an elite NFL quarterback and Raiders fans love it.

What do you think: will Derek Carr be a Raider his entire career?

Marshawn Lynch vs. Adrian Peterson: Who Will Have a Bigger Impact?

Marshawn Lynch is now on the Raiders.

Adrian Peterson is now on the Saints.

Which player will have the bigger impact on their new team???

AFC West Draft Grades

Who had the best Draft in the AFC West?

A) Broncos

B) Chargers

C) Chiefs

D) Raiders

Bonus: tell us who is going to win the AFC West this year.

Do you go BEAST MODE???

Poll: Do you go BEAST MODE???
Do you wake up at 6:24am every morning and do hundreds of pushups and situps?

In other words: do you go BEAST MODE???

A) Yes! And I do my pushups ONE HANDED.

B) Ugh ... let me sleeeeeeeeep.

Patriots vs Raiders ... in Mexico!

The Raiders and the Patriots will have an epic clash this season ... in Mexico!

How cool is that? Check out this preview.

How Close Are the Raiders to Winning a Super Bowl?

The NFL Draft crew dissects the current outlook of the Oakland Raiders, with their 2017 draft selections and off season acquisitions, are they ready to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender?

What do you think?

How Was Marshawn Lynch's Deal with the Raiders Finalized?

Crazy! Check out how  the Oakland Raiders finally landed Marshawn Lynch.

Silver & Black BEAST MODE!

Poll: Silver & Black BEAST MODE!
The Raiders are getting Marshawn Lynch! Beast Mode is coming home, back to Oakland where he grew up.

What do you think? How many yards will Marshawn rush for as a Raider this year?

A) 1,000+

B) 1,500+

C) A kajillion ... he's BEAST MODE!

What Do the Raiders Need to Do to Unseat the Patriots?

Can the Oakland Raiders give the New England Patriots a run for their money this year?

Watch and then tell us what you think.

Derek Carr: 'Anybody Would Want Marshawn Lynch'

BEAST MODE is a QB's best friend. Just ask Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

What do you think? Will Marshawn Lynch play for the Raiders this season???

What Hurdles Are Left for Beast Mode to Raiders?

Here's the latest on running back Marshawn Lynch's return to the NFL, including the next steps required for the Oakland native to complete his comeback.

What Are The Next Steps For Raiders' Move?

NFL Network's Omar Ruiz discusses what else has to happen in order for the Raiders to move to Las Vegas.

What We Missed: Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders

The "Good Morning Football" crew talks about the potential comeback of former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

Beast Mode as a Raider? Come on! Tell us what you think.

Raiders to Las Vegas?!?

It's not a done done-deal yet but it's looking like the Raiders are going to move to Las Vegas.

NFL Network's Steve Wyche and Kimberly Jones bring the details of the Raiders possible move to Las Vegas.

Sad for our friends in Oakland. Happy for the fans in Las Vegas.

What do you think about the Las Vegas Raiders?

Should Marshawn Lynch Wear the Silver and Black?

Poll: Should Marshawn Lynch wear the Silver and Black?
Should Marshawn Lynch wear the Silver and Black?

Yes! He'll be an awesome Raider.

No. He'll always be a Seahawk.

Let us know what you think.

Would Raiders Fans Follow Their Team to Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Raiders?

What do you think? Two questions here:

1) Do you prefer the Oakland Raiders or the Las Vegas Raiders?

2) Do you think Raiders fans will stay Raiders fans if the team moves to Las Vegas?

Let us know your thoughts in comments.