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See who had the magical hands in Week 2. 

Which one was your favorite?
Take a look through our freeD vision as Cleveland Browns QB Kevin Hogan hits running back Duke Johnson deep for a one-handed 34-yard gain.

That looks so cool. We love technology.

From one Cleveland great to another.

Watch the best plays from the Week 2 match-up between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

Ravens force 5 turnovers in 24-10 win over Browns.
Can't-miss play: Cleveland Browns running back Duke Johnson makes video game-like one-handed catch. 
poppuppp just scored 401 points in Match Scot!

"Unbelievable Joe Thomas!! 10k consecutive snaps played! Playing in the trenches too! Crazy man! Congrats big fella!!" ~ NBA superstar, LeBron James

The Browns rookie QB, DeShone Kizer was Elmhurst Elementary's 6th-grade spelling bee champion. #FunFacts

Watch the best plays from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns Week 1 match up.
Solid debut for Kizer but it wasn't enough to stop Antonio Brown and the Steelers. 
T.J. Watt shined. 

Steeler 21

Browns 18

Congrats dude! 

(Sneaky, sneak! He kept it for a one-yard touchdown.)

Take a look at the career path that quarterback, Brock Osweiler took in his five-year career leading up to his release from the Cleveland Browns
Bye-bye, Brock.
Check out highlights from the Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears Preseason Week 4 matchup.
Even though Mitchell Trubisky got an opportunity to start, he didn't get the opportunity to do much else.
It was a shutout.

Browns 25

Bears 0
Check out every DeShone Kizer play from the preseason so far. The man is impressing everyone. It helped the rookie earn the starting QB job for the Cleveland Browns!!

Congratulate Kizer on his starting QB position in the comments!!
Watch the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers highlights from the third week of the preseason.
Rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer made his first start for the Cleveland Browns and it panned out, the Browns were victorious!

Browns 13

Buccaneers 9
Watch the game highlights of the New York Giants versus Cleveland Brown from the second week of the preseason.
Two field goals just weren't enough for the Giants to take home the win.

Browns 10

Giants 6
Can't-Miss Play!
Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer hits wide receiver Jordan Payton with a 45-yard game winning touchdown strike in their preseason, week 1 match up against the Bears.
The New Orleans Saints couldn't pull it out against the Cleveland Browns last night in their preseason battle.

Saints 14
Browns 20
Former Notre Dame standout, Deshone Kizer, is no stranger to pressure. In his Rookie Spotlight, the Cleveland Browns new Quarterback explains why he feels the need to perform at a high level and which QB in the league he looks forward to playing against.
This isn't your grandma's Bridge game! The Cleveland Browns offensive line coach, Bob Wylie uses a card game to figure out if a young player is ready for the NFL. 

Could you pass his test?  

...Who wants to play Go Fish, now?

Poll: Should Brock Osweiler be the starting quarterback for the Brown?
Should Brock Osweiler be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns?

A) Yes! He is outstanding!

B) No! How about Cody Kessler!?

C) No! I think it should be Kevin Hogan!!

Heisman Trophy-winning QBs have HIGH expectations on them when they reach the NFL.

Check out which ones have done the best and then tell us: which Heisman-winning QB do you think is the best?

Poll: How many sacks will Myles Garrett get his rookie season?
Myles Garrett goes horizontal with a tackling dummy. YOU get to give us a great caption in comments. GO!

And when you're done captioning, tell us: how many sacks will Myles Garrett get his rookie season?

A) 0-3. Rookie has a lot to learn.

B) 4-6: Not bad for year one.

C) 7+: Myles was the number one pick for a reason.

Are the Browns getting defensive back Jason McCourty???
Myles Garrett is FIRED UP for the Cleveland Browns this season.

Tell us right now: how many wins will Cleveland get in 2017?
Poll: Jabrill Peppers will score his first NFL touchdown on ...
Jabrill Peppers will score his first NFL touchdown on ...

A) Defense. Come on, he's a SAFETY.

B) Offense. Dude is talented.

Poll: Which Browns Rookie Throws the Best Fastball?
Cleveland fans were introduced to their three first-round NFL draft picks as Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku threw out the first pitch(es) at a recent baseball game.

Which Browns rookie throws the best fastball?

A) Myles Garrett ... he's got the power!

B) Jabrill Peppers ... he's got the spice!

C) David Njoku ... he's no njoke!