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Two Truths and a Trick Play

Poll: Two Truths and a Trick Play
Below are 3 statements about Matthew Stafford. Two are the truth and one is a trick.

Can you determine which are real and which one is fake? Good luck!

A. I played college football at Georgia.

B. I have my own band called Lions Roar!

C. I'm the fourth QB in NFL history to throw for over 5,000 yards in a single season!

Check back Thursday at 2pm EST to see if your guess is correct!

Amazing Catches from Week 7- Don't Miss #1

Check out the top catches: the 56-yard catch made by Michael Crabtree, the 48-yard one-handed catch by A.J. Green, the 38-yard touchdown by Tyreek Hill, and the unbelieveable Hail Mary catch against the Browns!

Can't-Miss Play: Stafford Flings a Pass to Marvin Jones!

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones catches a 52-yard pass from quarterback Matthew Stafford!

Lions Claw to Victory Against Redskins!

The Detroit Lions roared to victory against the Washington Redskins in Week 7 with a final score of 20-17!

Can't-Miss Play: Tate Hauls In a Wild Ricochet Pass!

Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate makes an amazing catch following a deflected pass!

Can't-Miss Play: Stafford Hits Boldin for the Win!

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford finds wide receiver Anquan Boldin for a 19 yard touchdown late in the 4th quarter.

Lions Roar After Defeating Rams 31-28!

The Detroit Lions take down the Los Angeles Rams in Week 6 with a final score of 31-28!

Can't-Miss Play: Stafford Slings Laser to Roberts for a TD!

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford avoids the sack and hits wide receiver Andre Roberts for a 2-yard touchdown on fourth down!

Can't-Miss Play: Golden Tate Ruled Down By a Shoelace!

Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate catches a pass for 62 yards, which is ruled down by a shoelace!

Top Plays from Week 5- You Have to See #3!

Check out the top plays from Sammie Coates, Tom Brady, Marcus Mariota, and Matt Ryan. What an incredible week of NFL action!

Which is your favorite play?!

Lions Roar to Victory with a Game-Winning Field Goal!

The Detroit Lions scored a field goal just in time to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles with a final score of 24-23 in Week 5!

Bears Get the Final Roar Against Lions 17-14!

The Chicago Bears took down the Detroit Lions and had the final roar in Week 4!

Would You Rather: Mascot Edition!

Poll: Would You Rather: Mascot Edition!
The scenario...

Your fairy mascot-mother is granting you one wish but you have to choose wisely!

Would you rather build a snow fort with Billy Buffalo or race go-karts with Roary?

Both are awesome but you can only pick one...

1. How cool would it be to spend the day playing in the snow and building snow forts?! You could build some really impressive forts with the help of an 8-foot-tall buffalo!

2. Go karting is awesome! Being a lion, Roary gets a lot of speed! He probably has some awesome new moves that he can teach you.

So, what will it be?!

Big Moves from Marvin Jones in Week 3!

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones had an outstanding game against the Green Bay Packers in Week 3!

Packers Hand Lions a Loss 34-27!

Watch the Green bay Packers take down the Detroit Lions in Week 3!

Can't-Miss Play: Jones Falls In for Second Touchdown!

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones makes a spectacular catch as he falls down for a 35-yard pass from QB Matthew Stafford!

Can't-Miss Play: Stafford Fires a Rocket to Boldin!

Detroit Lions wide receiver Anquan Boldin makes a 24-yard catch for his 75th career touchdown after Matthew Stafford finds him with a laser beam-of-a-throw in the end zone.

RedZone Recap: Every Touchdown!

Check out every touchdown from Sunday's game. Week 2 had a total of 60!

Which touchdown was the most impressive?!