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Peyton Manning's 41st Birthday Mashup

Peyton Manning turns 41 today!

Check out this "Omaha" mashup as we celebrate his big day.

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Cooler Tony Dungy Accomplishment?

Poll: Cooler Tony Dungy accomplishment?
Cooler Tony Dungy accomplishment?

First African American head coach to win the Super Bowl.

NFL record eleven straight playoff appearances as a head coach. Come on ... eleven straight playoff appearances? That's ridiculous!

Don't make me choose ... both are incredibly special.

2016 Receiving Title Goes to...

Indianpolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton brings home the 2016 Receiving Title with 1,448 yards!

Colts Make a Comeback Against Jaguars!

The Jacksonville Jaguars were defeated the Indianapolis Colts in Week 17 with a final score of 24-20!

Can't-Miss Play: Robert Mathis Forces and Recovers the Fumble!

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Robert Mathis forces and recovers a fumble after strip sacking Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles!

Frank Gore Grabs 1,000 Rushing Yards!

Indianapolis Colts running back Frank Gore has 1,000 rushing yards this season!

Game Preview: Jaguars vs. Colts

Last week of the regular season! Who's going to win between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts?

Colts vs. Raiders Highlights

Can the Indianapolis Colts upset the Oakland Raiders???

Pro Bowl Picks: Wide Receivers!

Here are all of the wide receivers that have been selected for the Pro Bowl on January 29th!

Which player is your top pick?!

The Winner Is... Colts or Raiders?!

Get the scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and Oakland Raiders Week 16 game, taking a better look at the match up between Colts QB Andrew Luck and Raiders QB Derek Carr!

Colts Charge to Victory!

Check out the highlights from the Indianapolis Colts victory against the Minnesota Vikings with a final score of 34-6 in Week 15!

Can't-Miss Play: Robert Turbin Spins His Way In for a 6-yard TD!

Indianapolis Colts running back Robert Turbin spins his way in for a 6-yard TD!

The Winner Is... Colts or Vikings?!

Get the scoop on this week's match up between the Colts and the Vikings.

Which team will charge to victory: Vikings or Colts?!

Top 3 Wide Receivers!

Check out the top 3 NFL wide receivers with the most receiving yards through Week 14!

Who is your Fantasy wide receiver?

Texans Move Closer to the Division Title!

The Houston Texans took down the Indianapolis Colts in Week 14 with a final score of 22-17!

Can't-Miss Play: Hilton Catches Ball After the Ricochet!

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton comes up with the catch after the ball is knocked in the air and almost intercepted by the Houston Texans!

Andrew Luck Breaks Through for 33 Yards!

Colts QB Andrew Luck takes the game into his own hands by breaking through the Texans defense and gaining 33 yards as he bolts down the field!

Will Luck lead the Colts to victory today?

Top 3 Wide Receivers Through Week 13!

Check out the top 3 wide receivers with the most receiving yards through Week 13!

Who is the wide receiver on your Fantasy team?

T.Y. Hilton Is a Catch Machine!

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton finished with 9 catches for 146 yards against the New York Jets!

Andrew Luck Scores 4 Touchdowns in Week 13!

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck completed 22 of 28 passes for 278 yards and four TDs against the New York Jets!

Colts Stop Jets From Flying High!

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the New York Jets in Week 13 with a final score of 41-10! 

Who Will Win MNF: Colts or Jets?!

Get the details on the Week 13 match up between Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets!

Who will win: Jets or Colts?!

Can't-Miss Play: McAfee Finds Swoope for 35 Yards on a Fake Punt!

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee finds tight end Erik Swoope for 35 yards on the fake punt.

Steelers Stay Strong Against Colts!

The Pittsburgh Steelers take down the Indianapolis Colts on Thanksgiving night during Week 12!

Steelers vs Colts!

The Steelers take on the Colts this Thanksgiving night!

Which team will win? Shout it out below!